The Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Smokers and People Around Them

People always say that every coin has two sides, which means that everything has its positive and negative sides. For example, the industries manufacture products that people can use and benefit from. But they also produce wastes that pollute the environment which people live in.

However, cigarette smoking is an exception as far as the individual smokers are concerned. I have thought about this for long, but failed to find anything positive about smoking except that the pockets of those working in the industry become fatter day by day. Generally speaking, smoking has two negative effects, i.e. internal and external.

I believe that you must have been preached on about the potential damages that smoking cigarettes can do to your health. And I also believe that the preach must have blown through your ears with nothing retained. lil solid But the negative effects of cigarette smoking on our health is true and quite visible.

The most obvious change that smoking has given to me is the stained teeth. Although some peers even taught me some tricks to reduce the effect, I was appalled when I looked into the mirror one day. Believe me – it is easier for the dirt to come than go.

You might say that those potential impacts are exerted to yourself and have nothing to do with others. Do you think people will get close to you when they smell your bad breath? Will people sit around you when you are smoking? Remember the effects of second-hand smoking?

Let us enlarge the picture of the effects of cigarette smoking a little bit until it covers something that matters to the whole mankind. Yes, we will cover the environment pollution. Smoke that you puff out will pollute the air around you. The cigarette ends are difficult to dispose. And the disposing process will set many pollutants into the environment.

As you can see, smoking cigarettes involves personal and public factors that are largely destructive. It will not only jeopardize our own health, but also undermine the environment and the human future. So if now is not the time for you to quit, when will be?

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